Designing Liberland: How to Build an Autonomous City


Designing Liberland: How to Build an Autonomous City

When: Fri. 3:00 PM
Where: Porcfest (NHexit site PM18)

Speaker: Tim Brochu [web:] is an architect and host of Anarchitecture Podcast, a podcast and blog exploring non-governmental approaches to the development of buildings, cities, infrastructure, and all aspects of the built environment. A New Hampshire native and NH / ME / MA Licensed Architect, Tim is the Principal of Adra Architecture LLC, offering architectural design services to homeowners and commercial clients.

For Whom: Anyone interested in Liberland, private cities, architecture, infrastructure, urbanism, homesteading, energy, transportation, environmentalism, blockchain, and development.

Description: See the winning entries in the 2020 Liberland Design Competition! (Winners announced 6/13/21)
Liberland seeks recognition as a sovereign libertarian micronation on a 7 km2 peninsula on the Danube River that is not claimed by any other nation. In addition to presenting the winning designs, Tim will present his team’s analysis and competition entry showing how Liberland could:
- overcome challenges of flooding and sensitive ecology
- avoid dependence on any one nation for resources, energy, and transportation
- incorporate homesteading principles with blockchain DAOs to mitigate land use conflicts and incentivize dense development
- foster economic opportunity, infrastructure investment, and environmental stewardship for the broader region 
Studying Liberland as a real building site offers lessons for any community seeking greater autonomy and liberty for its residents.