Tom from Belknap County joins the group


thank you for the invite.  A Hi There, to every one. 


I have no opposition to an attempt, at minimum, of a discussion on exercising enumerated rights of the NH Constitution.  I am interested in listening to the discussion and how it progresses. 


I am a bit bias about the amount of support for this issue after witnessing how NH residents still, in fear of getting a virus, insists that the governments and private businesses can stop people from making individual choices for themselves and their families.

Along with witnessing not only the Gen. Court's lack of resolve to discuss repealing the RSA4:45 emergency powers but agreeing that one governmental official, in actuality, can deny individual privileges (the NH Const. refers to them as rights) plus extending the length of the denial. 

I am presently involved in the attempt to help the Convention of States Action gather support in the NH Gen. Court to sign on to the attempt for a US Constitution Article V Convention of States.


With that I will be in support of an academic attempt to work out a procedure to develop, present, and influence a positive end result to put before NH residents.






Tom Ploszaj

NH Representative 

Belknap District 1 - Center Harbor & New Hampton

137 Daniel Webster Hwy  Center Harbor, NH  03226